2012 – Fall Ideas


Blabit, Your Friends' Event, In Just 1 Tap
Blabit is the new website that allows you to suggest and discover events in your area. Through a intuitive and simple interface you will love to advise and find new events in your city.

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Let's Ride Together
"city ride" is a smartphone application aim to reduce traffic inside cities, promoting and improving the carpooling experience.
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Make It Real
EventArt is an event management system which integrates event planner tools and variety of catalogs. It lets users to select all elements for the organization of an event in one place and allows them to see what they chose in 3 Dimensional way.
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EventArt's : Survey

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Start To Discover
Nimble helps you to discover and share places for urban street sports, letting you know immediately what is going on.
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Leading The Trend
Our aim is to produce fashionable and affordable designer clothes. We target fashion-conscious people, who believe that you can have it all!
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Calligraphy – Write your best
Calligraphy is a (software) project to translate text (typed document) into handwriting.
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Share Your Experience
Our goal is to offer a platform for companies to connect and interact, focusing mainly on the quality of the partnership. After each collaboration companies can rate their experience with the partner. We think our service is relevant because in this time of economic uncertainty, companies of any size, struggle to find reliable partners. In this way they'll have the chance to find the perfect fit for their business.
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A crowd-sourced sightseeing platform
GuideSavvy gives the opportunity for local citizens to earn money sharing their knowledge about the city and becoming a personal virtual guides for city guests.
Find us at : www.guidesavvy.com

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Turn What You Have, Into What You Want
NoGeld is a local platform for the exchange of goods and services between young people.

Everyone has some ability and everyone has objects which end up unused. There is always the need to find out something new and the need of new objects. We want to combine wants and offers in an online market based on an alternative currency.
On our website ratings and penalties help avoiding trust issues. We decided to use hours as currency, and to estimated that one hour of work for young not specialized workers usually corresponds to 15€ to calculate an object's cost in hours.
This website will not only help people save money, but will also encourage them to meet with one another. It will be an online market that has an effect on real life, helping creating a community and new friendships.

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