Infinity Drive

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.17.05We take all the small cloud spaces of di"erent providers and turn them into one giant, safe and private space for your data. Problem - value proposition: Memory on smartphones is limited, but using the cloud is often confusing and many people are worried about security. In!nity Drive helps you manage your !les in an intuitive way from your phone. After signing up, you can add different cloud providers from the list, increasing your space with every provider. Existing accounts can be used or a new one created automatically by the app. Dragging and dropping !les to the designated folder uploads them to the cloud. For maximum privacy, your data is encrypted by default. Our elaborate technology creates several packages from every !le that leads to an almost infallible backup system: Even when one of the providers is unavailable, your data is always accessible!


A new approach for business problems, a platform to connect people who have ideas with people who need them. Problem - value proposition: Worldwide, there are lots of small-middle sized enterprises that struggle to !nd disruptive solutions for business challenges. Right now, no satisfactory service exists to provide externally generated ideas to these potential customers. On the other hand, many creative minds are eager to solve problems but don’t have the opportunity to do so. Product features: Brain Bazar is an online platform where these two groups are connected: a semi-open community of freelancers and paid professionals brainstorm on a given business problem for a certain amount of time; results are then ranked and given to the client. In the end, the fee is split up among Brain Bazar and all the contributors.


Do you have problems !nding a cheap dinner in your city? Get the best deals out of your local restaurants, every day, every week. Problem - value proposition: The problem is that is di"uclt to !nd cheap meals and new places where to eat. Other solutions are slow and do not adress the student market. Product features: Our app let nearby restaurant o"er, made directy from the owner for you. With our app, you could get daily and exclusive o"ers from local restaurant and choose right away.


15 Mio. thrown-away bikes are wasting our environment and tons of single bikepieces from repairingservices are thrown away yearly: UPCYCLE! Problem - value proposition: In South Tyrol the tourism of cycling and the necessary infrastructure are well developed. Many Hotels focused on the customer segment of cyclists and became o#cial Bike-Hotels. The company “Bike-Up” produces handmade and unique furniture out of old unused bicycles or single bikepieces. These furnitures have two major features: - They make Bike-Hotels become authenti; - Upcycling improves our environment! Product features: We create handmade, unique and sustainable furniture (clocks, seats, tables, wardrobes etc.) using bikes and single bikepieces which cannot be used anymore. With this idea we want to reduce the waste which is created yearly (e.g. app. 15 Mio bikes and tons of single bikepieces are thrown away every year all over the world). We want to satisfy the demand appropriate furniture for Bike-Hotels, Bars, Bikeshops or simply for all design-lovers or bike-passionates. We are going to pick the old bikes up, at everyone’s place and create something new.


Create or join group sport activities of any kind, anywhere in a simple and fast way! Problem - value proposition: It's hard to !nd people to do sports with especially if you're new to the city or none of your friends like the sport that you do, chances are you'll end up trying to do it alone. Sometimes everyone you know is just busy. This is where Clutch will help you !nd new people or a whole community of sports enthusiasts. Organize or join pickup games with just a couple button clicks. Product features: Interactive online platform and mobile app that allows people to !nd a place and the people to do sports with or to simply create a sport event or regular sport trainings based on personal preferences. The platform also provides a rating system for users based on their reliability of showing up to the events, ensuring a good experience for everyone.

Euro Hoodies

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.22.05We create frameworks that allow exchange students to globally connect and let their experiences live on. Problem - value proposition: As we have validated through our own experiences and the sample market of Bolzano, exchange students like to create custom designed hoodies that remind them of their friends and great adventures abroad. Although there are several printing services, it is still rather complicated for students to manage the remaining steps: They have to take care of the design, the !nancing and the delivery process, which requires organizing e"ort. This is where Euro-Hoodies comes in! We take care of the entire process: We create designs for you and adjust them to your needs, we handle payment and delivery and make sure the !nal hoodies look awesome.


Using drones we aim at providing a new delivery system for mountain shelters. Problem - value proposition: Mountain shelters without road access, need a helicopter to transport goods. This kind of delivery system causes high costs. We o"er a solution, which is not only cheaper but also allows us to increase the frequency of supply. Product features: We want to provide a completely new kind of delivery system for mountain shelters without road access, whilst supplying them with grocery deliveries carried by drones, which we develop by ourselves. Customers get weekly deliveries of about 500 kg (2 $ights per time) and pay a price for the whole season. They can book extra-weight deliveries at extra charge.


We are focused on a product, which provides a feeling of security. We want to revolutionize the handling of emergency numbers and dangerous situations. Problem - We are focused on a product, which provides a feeling of security. We want to revolutionize the handling of emergency numbers and dangerous situations. Product features: We are focused on a product, which provides a feeling of security. We want to revolutionize the handling of emergency numbers and dangerous situations.

E All4One

Provide platform for low cost daily life products with incredible convenience to shop online and drop at your doorstep. Problem - value proposition: There is no possibility currently for local people to shop and get 1 euro products at home. All4One closes the gap of a missing 1€-Online-Shop, that does not yet exist. We are local and guarantee best and personal service, including express-delivery 24 hours a day. Due to the low prices, our products are a"ordable for everybody. Product features: All4One is an online shopping platform that o"ers the possibility to shop online di"erent things that cost only 1€ at Bolzano. The shop is open - and orders will be covered - 24 hours a day. On demand the purchase is delivered at home express with minor additional delivery costs.


Local street food in one bite – small, round and fresh. Problem - value proposition: We want to tackle the problem of limited street food o"er (starting in the region of South Tyrol with a later possibility of expansion). Knödel will now !nd its way out of the usual traditional South Tyrolean restaurant in order to be served in an innovative way on the street. With its new smaller size and an endless possibility of re!ning the original recipe, this warm and locally made dish stands out from the well known o"er of our competitors. Product features: Knödel – a dumpling made mainly from breadcrumbs and a few other ingredients. Familiar to many of you, no matter if you come from South Tyrol or just visited this region once. A dish as famous and traditional, as the good old man Ötzi. Nevertheless, this is just where the story starts. We use qualitative, local and seasonal ingredients to experiment on how far we can get in order to modify such deeply anchored dish as a Knödel certainly is. And this all just to surprise you... There is nothing more boring then answering the question: "What are we having today for lunch?" with Pizza, Kebab, or maybe a Burger again. Right? So, let's see, how many of these little "IN ONE BITE Knödel" are you able to eat while standing. And maybe, you even start enjoying them so much, that you will forget all your hurry, you were in.

Handy Pass

How many cards do we have in our wallets? Wouldn't you like to have them all in a single card? Problem - value proposition: We all have too many cards in our wallets. This is a fact. Our wallets get bigger and bigger and !lled with tons of membership cards. Our product is e#cient because it allows you to merge your cards and see all kind of bonuses or sales from each and every shop. Product features: A card that allows you to merge all your membership cards into one. This card comes with an app which allows you to view sales and special o"ers. The only cost for it will be about 2 cents from every transaction you make.